Dorico 4 forgot my history

Dorico 4, Windows. I put my laptop to ‘sleep’ but probably the battery gave up and the system woke up fresh. But my Dorico now doesn’t see any of my documents on the ‘recent’ list, just ‘Akinola’, ‘Coldplay’ etc which are there, I guess, by default? The projects haven’t been deleted and I can open them from the Projects folder, but I’d really like them back in the opening menu. How do I achieve that (save for opening each one manually)?

Also: Dorico behaves now as if it is seeing me for the first time, offering a ‘Guided tour’ of the Write menu…

It definitely sounds like something has happened to your user data folder. Dorico itself doesn’t ever delete this data, so it seems that something else on your system has interfered with the files in this folder. Unfortunately I don’t know what that might be.

To protect against this in future, you might consider periodically backing up the Dorico 4 folder in %APPDATA%\Steinberg so you can restore it if it is unexpectedly removed.

Thank you