Dorico 4 free trial

How can I start Dorico 4 free trial? I couldn’t find link or download access code on you website, thank you.

Trial licences are not yet available for Dorico 4, but we expect to announce them very soon.


The trial is available today: Free 30-day trial versions of Dorico Pro 4 and Dorico Elements 4 now available

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If one downloads the Pro version of the trial, are the special modifier keys now enabled to allow one to open Dorico as Elements or SE by holding down CTRL or ALT on startup.

I tend to recommend new users download Pro and then use the modifier keys to try out the other options and want to make sure they are enabled lest I lead noobes astray.

Yes, you can do that with the Dorico Pro trial.

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Hello Daniel, I love the Dorico SE, been using it for about a week and want to try a version 4 Pro trial. Downloaded it using the Download Manager but fail to start. Checked the forums, did a few restarts and uninstall. But every time I start the program it says Dorico SE…
I did not receive the activation No. for the Pro trial…

Will appreciate your assistance.

Welcome to the forum, @alkeys. I’ll send you a Download Access Code that will provide you with a 30-day trial license for Dorico Pro 4 via a private message.

I received it, thank you!