Dorico 4 Freeze on Startup

Hi there! How can I troubleshoot this? Dorico freezes on startup becoming unresponsive.

Looking forward to getting it working!

All best, Kevin

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Does the audio engine stall?
Check this thread:

I’m having the same problem. Specs in my profile…

Just hanging after launch. It’s sticking at various points in the start-up. Last three attempts, froze at “Audio Engine Launched,” “Looking for connection,” and once an arcane error message I can’t recall.


Thanks to the link to your thread. It is hanging in a similar way, but I don’t think that I have the same console (Eucon?) as you. I did hunt for something of the sort in my libraries.

It’s best to provide the necessary folders, probably in the same thread I linked to, to keep everything in one place.

The necessary files are:

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It’s worth pointing out, that if you use Halion SE, it might be worth updating it, too.

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It not only might be worth updating it, you must update it, which is why we included it in the Dorico Pro 4 Update product in Steinberg Download Assistant.

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So that you know, Reinstalling JUST the Halion SE was the ticket. Doing the complete reinstall was not enough to get it to work.

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