Dorico 4 full License reached Issue

Hello i hope i can find help for my problem
I have 2 window 10 pcs, one at office and one at home both running Dorico 4 and working well until now, the home pc pumped a message that i have used all my allowed 3 licenses and dorico cannot run on this pc, so i think Dorico lisence manger had identified my home pc as a different one ? i want to deactivate Dorico on this pc but i cannot because the manager kept seeing it as a new Pc,
help please

Would you be able to zip up your SAM directory and post it here? The files can be found in %appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager.

(Fwiw, once I updated to SAM 1.1 I lost my working license, and my mySteinberg D4 utilization was filled up with 3 bogus activations. Not deactivatable, but support thankfully were able to delete them within 3 hours.)

Hi @Hani_Siblini, did any Windows updates occur recently on your computer? To get you up and running again, I’ve released the leases on your account which means you should be able to activate on your Home PC now. Let me know if you encounter any more problems.

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Thank you Ben. I am at the office now i will return tonight home and try it, then report to you.
thank thank you

I think the automatic windows update that did it . yes

Hi Ben
I have the same issue after a windows update. Can’t deactivate and activation limit reached.


Hi @Paul_Mellors - sorry to hear that. Could you PM me the Steinberg ID you are using and I’ll investigate.

Hi Ben. A full reset from support sorted matters:-)