Dorico 4 galley view odd scrolling bug

Switched to using Dorico 18 months ago for a new project and it has been a very satisfying user experience throughout, so first of all well done to the entire Dorico team, you folks are smashing it.

I excitedly downloaded Dorico 4 this morning but immediately found an odd bug. In the project I’m currently working on, I tend to write music in Galley View, then tidy it up in Page View. Problem is, I can’t scroll to the end of what I’m currently working on, it stops about 14 bars short. I can get to the end in Page View, so it’s not a complete bust, but it is weird, and not a problem in Dorico 3.5, where I was working on this literally yesterday.

The other workaround I’ve noticed is that I can add extra empty bars at the end of the project and it will scroll further, but again not to the actual end of the flow.

It’s not absolutely terrible, but it is pretty weird. I wonder if it has anything to do with this project being an especially large/long one? Anyway, dunno.

It’s been reported multiple times. The Dorico team is well aware of it.

Shoot sorry! Couldn’t see it on the forum.

Yes me neither! I searched and everything…

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It was this thread, right out of the gate on Wednesday (hundreds of threads down the list by now).

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No problem, Robert, and sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug. For the time being, a quick zoom in/zoom out will resolve it, but it will be fixed as soon as possible. (Closing this thread now.)