Dorico 4: Generate Chord Symbol from Selection - Local Mode?

Is it possible to put a staff into local mode (similar to alt/opt-L when using the shift-Q popover) prior to generating chord symbols from selection? This would allow different chord symbols in the rhythmically the same position for bitonal chord analysis e.g. Ab triad in trumpets staff against C7 chord in trombones staff.

I’m afraid not, but that’s an interesting idea – I’ll talk to the developer who implemented this feature and see what he thinks about it.

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That would be great. I’m finding this tool super useful, particularly for analysis of other composer’s midi files and also in my own works where I may have improvised a section and want to nail down the harmony.

One more suggestion for dyads:

Currently maj/min 3rds and open 5ths are supported. I would like to add their inversions i.e. min/maj 6ths and open 4ths.