Dorico 4 Grace notes stacking?

I’m pretty sure I’ve done this in Dorico before but I can’t get the grace notes to appear as one note after the other (rather than stacked) is there a setting for this?

ps… this is for a drum part in case that makes a difference!

Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 10.19.17

Welcome to the forum @rfrly – I suspect Chords was active in the Notes toolbox, it’s the button with a chord triad symbol. That allows you to input multiple notes at the same position, i.e. building up chords. Deactivate it to input notes after each other.

Just checked this and Chords is deselected. If the notes are on neighbouring pitches they appear correctly, otherwise they stack :confused:

Can you share you project file so someone can take a look? As you’re new to the forum, you may need to spend a few minutes reading threads to build up your forum level to allow attaching files.

Here… Thank you!

grace notes.dorico (531.7 KB)

The only way I could separate the two grace notes to be sequential instead of stacked was to select the bottom note and press opt/alt-right arrow. Sometimes it just lengthened that note but at other times it resulted in what is in the pic.

grace notes-ed.dorico (549.8 KB)

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Thanks Ross, it turns out yes unfortunately grace notes for different instruments in a percussion kit will automatically stack. This is a known limitation due to how percussion kits essentially condense multiple unpitched percussion instruments into one view.

However, multiple grace notes for the same instrument can appear adjacent, so for now (and I appreciate this isn’t particularly neat so better options might be available) you could input a second grace note on the “F” pitch and manually hide its note and stem e.g. after exporting the PDF. Here’s the setup I mean (with Silence playback template applied)

grace notes_LH.dorico (468.0 KB)

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That seems to have done the trick… It’s quite inconsistent so I’ve had to toggle it back and forth a few times! Thanks for you help

Thanks Lillie, @stevenjones01 solution seemed more straight forward so I went with that. Though that is quite inconsistent. Hopefully this is something that could be improved as grace notes are pretty common in drumming!