Dorico 4 GUI bug on 4k screens


this is my first post, and I hope I’m putting it in the right place …

There seems to be a bug with the dorico GUI on high resolution screens (I bought a 4K screen just to work with dorico, and it is a shame that it doesn’t work).

The dropdown combo box item where the layout is selected (score, voices) does not open up on the 4K screen. It works alright when I drag Dorico to my standard resolution laptop screen.

A workaround is to cycle through the layouts with the key command Alt-Shift-Plus, but that is quite annoying …

Is this bug known and is there a fix?

Thank you!

Is the 4K a second monitor? I have no problems with the 42" 4K Dell monitor I have been using with Dorico, but it is the only monitor attached to my computer.


Yes, I just changed the windows setting for using the second monitor from “extend displays” to “only display on second monitor” - with that setting it works.

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Is this on Mac Or Windows?