Dorico 4 hangs very often

I have been a Dorico 3.5 user and it worked very fine,
Then I decided to upgradefor Dorico 4 and this works quite slow,
hangs all the time.
I am using Windows, 64 gb Ram, 2,8 Ghz processor.
What may be the cause?

Hi, would you please choose from Dorico`s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. From the logs and info in there I can get a first oversight and then come back with more advice. Thanks very much

Dorico (1.0 MB)
Here it is.thanks!

Thanks for the data, @darkneutron .

After a first look through the data, I can not find something obvious. You are having lots of plug-ins and scanning all of them takes some time, but not unusual long, I find.
Contained is also one freeze dump of the audio engine, but the dump has 0 bytes length, so I can’t run it through a debugger.
What is it in particular that you find slow with Dorico 4? Start up duration, project loading, …? Please be as specific as can be. Thanks

Well. In gerneral, D4 is much much slower thant D3.5
For example, switching panels(print, play etc) lags and is very slow.

In general, you should not find Dorico 4 to be slower in terms of its GUI responsiveness than Dorico 3.5. You’ll need to provide us with some more specific information about exactly when you find Dorico is hanging in order for us to provide you with better assistance.

For example. I added new instrument in Setup, then went to Write mode.
When I click Write mode, Dorico hangs, there appears " not responding" sign for 20-30 seconds and then it is fine again. Should it be like that?

It depends on what VSTinstrument you are using for the new player. Because Dorico (or its audio engine) needs to load a new instance of a VSTinstrument and also load the buffers with sample data. In case of e.g. BBCSO, I think this is quite normal. HALion Sonic should be much faster, but then you can debate about the overall quality of the sounds.
What VSTinstruments are you using?

I am using BBC Core playback template (with Dorico 3.5 eerything was fine).
However, if I load Halion playback template, it doesn’t load some sounds,
altough I have installed all the sound packs available…:frowning:

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. Hopefully we’ll be able to see if any specific content files are missing.