Dorico 4 hangs when changing rhythm values (solved)

Hi I have a strange problem.
I was trying to change the note values from 2 half notes per bar into one whole note per bar. But Dorico shows the spinning ball forever and I have to force quit it. I tried many times (select all till bar 32, filter notes and chords and click on the whole note symbol). I tried also random single bars and I noticed that it works on most bars but as soon as I try to change the rhythm for example in Bar 12, it hangs…
I hope someone from Dorico Team can say what is happening.

I upload the file where the problem occurs.
The diagnostic file is too big and I uploaded it to Dropbox (link hier below)

Thank you!
harmonie grundlagen - bach preludium c dur.dorico (708.3 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics

I opened your file and tried what you described, and had no problems.
With Insert on, I also tried converting every half note from bar 1 to bar 32 into a whole note, thus changing the number of bars to 64. Again, no problems.

I also tried the above using the various different methods to select and change value (keyboard shortcuts, for example). No problems again.

Hi Steve,

thank you to check. (For me was not working.)

To be sure just installed 4.3.11
Now I managed to delete the bar 12 with the System Track and rewrite it. And now it works. :slight_smile:
Bevor deleting bar 12 I had also a very strange behavior: the second chord sounded one octave higher than written…maybe some invisible corrupted thing due to the xml import from witch the file originates… Mhhh

Anyway all good now!
Thank you