Dorico 4: How to edit overlapping velocity value in key editor?

I’ve got a piano staff with 4 notes at the same rhythmical position: Up/down voice in treble and up/down voice in bass. I want to assign individual velocities to each note. When I select one of the notes (e.g. bass), I see the velocity bar turn black but when I try and change its value, all the velocities for all notes change.

How I do I select and edit overlapping velocities in the key editor?

Are all four notes on the same MIDI channel feeding into the VST?

I’m using Noteperformer for the piano. The issue is the result of overlapping. If I select the note in the key editor and move it slightly left or right on the grid, I can then edit the velocity bar with the arrow tool because it is no longer overlapping any other notes.

Since my original post I’ve been able to use the histogram to edit the velocity value as long as “selection” is chosen and then moving the delta, % or left/right icons. This works fine but is an extra step.

You should also find that if you select the specific note in the piano roll, then that brings the specific velocity bar “to the front” so you can edit it.

This is where I’m having the problem. After I select a specific note in the piano roll (or the score) and then move the corresponding velocity bar, all the notes in the voicing are selected and their velocity bars are ganged together. I’m on a mac. Could it be a Magic Mouse thing?

No, I suspect more likely it’s a problem with the mouse-handling in the velocity editor, which is something we’re working on at the moment. I’ll make sure that my colleague who is working on this area has this in mind.

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I am having this problem too, which causes me to use Dorico 3.5 most of the time. I hope it get fixed.