Dorico 4 installation problems and e-licencer problems

Hi to the forum,

I’m having difficulty installing Dorico 4. The installer shows all the files, and when I hit the install button, nothing happened. It just showed “install” and then I had to re-download everything again. I don’t know where the installation files are, and then when I went to upgrade the licence using my elicenser [ the e licence upgrade was automatically shown and it hit the install button], I got some kind of error message. I made sure I had the latest e licencer version. But still it would not work. Is this because of the elicencer not being used for activation anymore? It just seems strange that I got a licence activation code and a download code. When I stick the download code in, it then asks me if I want to start the elicencer, and when I do, I eventually end up with the error message. I’ll see if I can paste it in my post. Here goes

well, good news, it is installing now! However, the problem now is that even though I had already downloaded the 10 gig of instruments, it is now downloading it again. I’m not sure why this is happening. I checked the download folder properties and it says it contains 5 gig or sounds so far. But before it said it had 7 gigs and then I continued downloading it and now it sayd 5. Just a bit unsure why I’m getting messages that aren’t seeming to make sense somehow.

Ok, the steinberg authorisation manager is now going, and I logged in, and then it seemed to not work from there. I got out of it, and even though I moused the bar a number of times, nothing happens. I do have a steinberg account, and that was the first thing that opened, and now for some reason the process has become stalled. Not sure what to do next. Thanks for any help with this. :slight_smile:

What is the Steinberg Activation Manager now showing? Does it find a license?

Hi ULf, thanks for your answer. I’m just going to attempt to do it again. Will talk to you soon :slight_smile:

Hi again Ulf, good news! It’s working and it’s all ok now.

Thank you kindly for showing your support to me. I really appreciated that!


Steve :slight_smile:

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