Dorico 4 is so slow

Hello I am working with dorico 4
i used on dorico 3.5 before, my system is windows 10
I Don’t know why dorico 4 is so slow , it takes lot of time doing the calculation. well 3.5 version doesn’t,
cancelling a player or add an instrument for example, event changing any graphic or working in play mode, the software is so slow comparing to version 3.5 witch is working well, what is my issue ?
I will attach the diagnostic, please you can check it from the link bellow:

Dorico 4, on the whole, should be faster than 3.5 in many tasks.

Do you have condensing turned on? This can slow things down considerably in either version.

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Hello Romanos.
no it is off,
the problem is bigger then this i think , it was working judt fine but one week ago it started to get solwer and slower, evven if i save or load a song or any thing i do the software doesn’t respond right like it was , so

i followed Daniel’s advise from another Forum problem, and deleted the previous dorico app data and vst engine , and still got the same issue

Are you on Windows? Are you by any chance using the Google Drive app on your computer? If so, try disabling it and see whether it makes any difference.

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Hi Daniel
it is secure to have you here replying my messages, thank you

I use Windows 10 and I don’t have google drive app installed on my pc.
I read you comments on an old problem and followed your advise,
i uninstalled Dorico 4 from roots and cleaned all the registery and resources, including the Appdata files.
I reinstalled it again from scratch, it is working a bit faster now, but comparing to Version 3.5 it is much slower,
dorico 3.5 is a rocket comparing to dorico 4
i like 4 better and i want to solve this problem and to it, please.
even the play mode is slow it take lot of time to route a player track to Halion
Sorry for the long message,

Here is the Diagnostic report if you would like to share it with technicians

I had a problem like this a couple of years ago. I can’t remember which version it was but for sake of argument let’s say Version 2.
Dorico was working fine and then all of a sudden it got really slow. I did many of things that you did but I couldn’t get it to work. I finally figured out my problem, the midi controller’s pitch wheel wasn’t calibrated to zero so it was constantly sending midi messages even when I wasn’t touching the keyboard. I calibrated the pitch wheel and have never had a problem since.
This may not be your problem but it’s worth checking.

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Thank you Maurizio, i will Try it now
can you tell me how to do that ?
and doesn’t affect Dorico if the Controller is not on ?

tried and it did not work, with every controlled turned on and off, i didn’t work,

I had totally forgotten about midi loops. This has affected many people and if you search the forum for ‘midi loop’ you’ll find out more about it. Long story short, look down in the lower right and see if the little green dot is constantly lighting up even when you aren’t touching anything. If so, you have a midi loop and dorico is being bombarded with constant messages and it’s bogging you down.
Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 12.16.59 PM

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Ok i will

Hi Romanos
I have checked the green light, it glows only when i touch my midi controller, it means this is not the issue, no midi loops

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Did you install any new audio plugins (digital effects or instruments) and are you using them with Dorico? If so, try removing the “new” plugins one by one and see if that resolves the issue.


Dear Maurizio
Thanks for help.
But the 3 5 is working as fast as a rocket with all my plugins running.
I will try your way. And will see. Only i have like 300 plugins and vst on my system. Even cubase is running perfectly

On my (pretty powerful) Windows 10 PC, Dorico 4 is also much slower than 3.5. For example, when moving frames with the arrow keys, it now takes about half a second for the frames to react to a keypress while they move almost instantly in Dorico 3.5.

Dorico 3.5

Dorico 4


Same here

I have switched back to v3.5. It is alot snappier (Mac) Also, in 3.5 I can edit the tempo track.
I trust all will be well in the next update!


Yes they are working seeiously on that the good thing is that Daniel is following us himself.
I miss that drag from cubase and drop in dorico function. Things will be better


What you are experiencing certainly isn’t normal. This is my mac one minute ago:
move framce

Are you working on a particularly large file? I’ve never experienced sluggishness like that, either on my M1 machine, or my 9 year old imac.

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