Dorico 4 : Kontakt shows no instruments

Congrats with Dorico 4 (I’m very happy with the global insert!!) I can assign Kontakt to players in Dorico 4. Kontakt shows all the libraries but not the individual instruments of the libraries. Everything is ok in Dorico 3.5 and Cubase 10.5. How do I ‘tell’ the combi Dorico 4 & Kontakt the location (external drive) of the library-samples?
Clearing the Audio Engine Cache didn’t do anything…

Dorico has no control over Kontakt’s own internal database. I have no idea why it would be working in 3.5 but not 4 – perhaps Kontakt has different configurations for each host. Try rebuilding Kontakt’s own database, which you can do from inside Kontakt (I can’t remember where hough).

I think you may have to ask in the NI forums about this.

Thanks Paul. Found it. Whenever I opened Cubase or Dorico 3.5 I got a warning that a few samples of instruments are missing. Lazy as I am I always clicked on ignore (because I didn’t need them anyway). Never caused problems, the libraries I needed were complete. Somehow Dorico 4 doesn’t accept ignore.
After getting the warning, I now clicked on ’ search for folder’ (or so). And voila, everything popped up. Why D4 is behaving differently than 3.5 in this respect, I don’t know

It seems that Kontakt does have different settings for each host, so it’s quite possible that the current state of 3.5 is the result of every setting and response to a notification that you’ve ever done in that version. Now that you have a new Dorico version, it’s probably a newer version of Kontakt asking slightly different questions in order to configure itself.