Dorico 4 large files failed to download

I am at the end of my data cycle today and tried to download the D4 files and they all failed. My cycle restarts tomorrow but I’ll only have a 30gb cap and am afraid I won’t be able to download the program. Is there a way to get it on disc? Rural uses in the US have internet probably only slightly worse than most 3rd world countries. Thanks

I’m really sorry, but we haven’t produced any physical media for Dorico 4. However, if you’ve already got Dorico 3.5 installed, you can skip the big content download (there are some modest changes in there, but very likely nothing you’ll noticed). Provided you can download the Dorico 4 application installer and the HALion Sonic SE installer, you’ll be OK.

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Thanks Daniel I’ll certainly try that as I’m looking forward to having dorico 4