Dorico 4 License problem

I bought Dorico pro-4 a few days ago and installed it through the Steinberg download assistant. Anytime I run Dorico, it works correctly, but to my surprise, when I open my Cubase pro 11, it messages me that the Dorico license is missed, and after closing Cubase, I am not able to open Dorico. I constantly get the message that I have to relaunch and register the Dorico again. I need to restart the computer, and only after that I can rerun Dorico. Another thing is that I realized my Dorico license is not listed on my E-licenser control center. I completely uninstalled it, installed the latest version, and did the maintenance process. Still, Dorico’s license is not there. I’ve bought all my Steinberg software online, and all are downloaded versions on a Windows 10 Laptop. Trying to contact Steinberg support led me to endless pages on the my-Steinberg webpage with no way to send any email to anyone; I would appreciate it if anyone could help me on this issue

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Dorico 4 doesn’t use the eLicenser Control Center. Dorico 4 uses the new Steinberg Licensing system, and your Dorico 4 licence will instead show up in a separate app called Steinberg Activation Manager.

Could you post a screenshot of the error message you get when you start Cubase?

Also, when you start Dorico 4, can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, and then upload the diagnostic report here?

Dear Richard
Thanks for your response. Attached is what you asked for.
Dorico Diagnostics is 10 MB and the maximum file size to upload here is 4.
Please let me know how can I send it to you

OK, that error message is actually expected: Dorico Pro 4 comes with a licence for the Olympus Micro choir samples, but the Dorico licence uses Steinberg Licensing, and Cubase 11 uses the eLicenser, so Cubase 11 doesn’t know about your Olympus Choir licence.

However, that shouldn’t make any difference to your ability to run Dorico, so I think that might be a separate issue.

I see you are running Windows - do you have a non-Latin character in your Windows username? If so you may be running into a known bug with the Steinberg Licensing system. We will be releasing a fix for this soon, but in the meantime you can turn on “Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support” as described in this thread, and that will also fix it: Steinberg Activation Manager keeps asking for activation - #6 by Richard_Lanyon

Thanks a lot. I use two non-Latin languages on my system. I made Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support. Most probably, it will solve the issue. Appreciate your help

I have the exact same problem. I had Cubase Pro 11 already installed, purchased and installed Dorico Pro 4 yesterday and now I also get this license mismatch resulting in that same annoying message telling me that I’m missing licenses for both HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Choir Micro - everytime I launch Cubase 11.
Naturally I don’t want to uninstall HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Choir Micro as they are important playback features inside Dorico Pro 4.
So the Steinberg team simply must have an idea about how to solve this issue by now, right?


I upgraded Cubase 11 to 12 and the problem is solved. I don’t get the message.

Yes, that is explainable as both Cubase 12 and Dorico 4 uses the same Licensing system. But I have no intention of updating to Cubase 12 for now, and 11 should still be supported.

If you still have your Dorico 3.5 license on your eLicenser (Soft- or USB-) then you could perhaps downgrade HALion Sonic SE back to version 3.4, which will use the eLicenser-based license in Cubase 11 and will still work with Dorico 4.

Thanks for replying dspreadbury and a good suggestion, but unfortunately I am a first-time buyer.
I did have a 30-day demo copy of Dorico 3.5 and the associated sound libraries last year when I tried it out, but that demo license has of course expired. Not that it would have solved anything, but anyway.
I don’t want to come off as grumpy as Dorico Pro 4 seems to be a fantastic update from 3.5, but I assume everyone in the Steinberg development teams (especially pointing at the Cubase folks here) knew about this change to the licensing procedure and as a customer and user of both programs I strongly believe this technical conflict should have been taken into account and dealt with prior to release. As it is now it’s just plain annoying.

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Dear Carl
You don’t need to change your Dorico version. You just need to downgrade your HAlion Sonic Se. This is what I understand from dspreadbury message.

@Carlster76, I’d be happy to provide you with a Dorico 3.5 license that you could install to your eLicenser so that you could downgrade HALion Sonic SE. Unfortunately, short of you deciding to update to Cubase 12, there’s no other solution to my knowledge.

@dspreadbury Thank you for the offer, I would appreciate it!
However, does downgrading HALion Sonic SE mean that I’ll be missing out on some significant improvements as to the sample playback feature in Dorico 4, or will it still work as intended?

Yes well, this is of course disappointing not to say pure Apple tactics. If I want to get rid of the annoying warning I’ll either have to give up some of the content I paid for, or be OK with basically getting forced into paying for an update that I don’t need which would also give me at least one week of headache having to do a fresh OS install in the studio considering the dropped support for Mojave in Cubase 12 . And it’s not like Cubase 11 is several years old and considered obsolete by now, which made me expect nothing less than this technical “discomfort” being addressed. Please don’t take it the wrong way, it just really bothers me that this issue seems to have been greatly overlooked, or rather ignored by Steinberg.

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Now about that Dorico 3.5 license @dspreadbury, would you mind shedding some light over how to proceed and whether I’d be missing out on some significant improvements by downgrading HALion Sonic SE. or if it still works with Dorico Pro 4 as intended?

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. I’ve been away with my family for a few days. I’ll send you a direct message with details of how to proceed.

In terms of whether moving back to HALion Sonic SE 3.4 will result in you losing any functionality compared to HALion Sonic SE 3.5, I believe the answer to be no; it would provide native support for Apple silicon, but since you’re running Cubase 11 in any case (which doesn’t run natively on Apple silicon either, and your Mac is presumably in any case Intel-based) that wouldn’t be a problem for you.

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No worries at all, and thank you so much @dspreadbury!
I really appreciate it!:slight_smile: