Dorico 4 licensing issue

Yes, the escape hatch from eLicenser world is to update to Dorico 4. I hope you will find Steinberg Licensing a lot more user-friendly. The hop, skip and a jump to go from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing is one final hurdle to clear, but we are here to help you get over it.

Welcome to the forum, @sfsmuse. Sorry you’re having a problem! If you run eLicenser Control Center, do you see a Dorico Pro 3.5 license listed there on one of your eLicensers, either on the USB-eLicenser (if you have one) or on the Soft-eLicenser?

Thank you for the welcome, Daniel!

Yes, I see Dorico Pro 3.5 Edu license listed here as a Soft-eLicenser.

Great, then we should be getting somewhere. So right now you are able to run Dorico Pro 4 because Steinberg Activation Manager says that the verification is pending, and when you run eLicenser Control Center, you see “Dorico Pro 3.5 Educational” listed, but it says neither “(Not Upgradeable)” nor “(Grace Period Eligible)” after the product name?

@dspreadbury I am able to run Dorico Pro 4, yes. When I run the eLicenser, I do see "Dorico Pro 3.5 Educational (Not upgradeable) and I also see (Grace Period Eligible) (SeL).

I have also gone through fresh installs of the Activation Manager and Download Assistant, and have done reboots/signing in and out.

Hang on, so you have two Dorico Pro licenses? Perhaps you could send me a private message with a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center window.

Just sent you a message with the details, thank you!

I’ve been round and round with this issue for some time now. I spent at least an hour on it yesterday. I felt that I was following the instructions but maybe I wasn’t. The thing is I don’t see why - having paid for the update, I should have to be spending so much time figuring out how to register it. None of my other expensive software is as difficult as this. I’ve opened a ticket with Steinberg now and hopefully they will do a remote session and get it registered/activated/reactived or whatever and then the annoying error windows will stop popping up.