Dorico 4 manuals published (English & translations)

Thank you, Lillie!

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Thank you!

The Jump Bar is not a popover like the others, but kind of …
Perhaps it would be a good idea, to list all the possible shortcuts for the jump bar in this document as well. At least it won’t hurt, if it would be repeated here … :slight_smile:

List all possible entries in something whose main thing is that it can access basically anything in the app?

Please be my guest, if you want to produce such a list :wink:


As I said: a list of shortcuts, like the shortcuts mentioned in the version history, p. 55.

Lillie, you rock!

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Partially translated manuals are now also available in German, French, Italian, and Japanese. These translations approximately correlate to what was available in English in January 2022. Therefore, they do not contain information about Play mode, the Mixer, or Key editor, and their coverage of Dorico 4 features is also not yet complete. We will update the translations in due course.

Note on translated manuals: due to some images being updated after their corresponding texts, a couple of topics are either temporarily without an image or have an image with an extra number label compared to the text. Apologies for any mismatches in the short-term: this will be resolved when we next update translated texts.

Updates to the English manual should keep coming more regularly; last week, an update went out that included the addition of chord symbol generation and parenthesized chord symbols amongst other additions.


The Dorico 4 English manuals were updated at the end of last week – the headline change is the re-instatement of the Play mode chapter (although to manage expectations, the Key Editor and Mixer topics are still yet to come).

The displayed version number at the top-left of pages in the webhelp has been updated to 4.2.0 (for the English manuals), and you’ll find a smattering of other improvements around, like additional keywords to improve search results, better linking, and some corrections and clarifications that have come up over the last few months.


The Dorico 4.x manuals have now been updated, including translations for German, French, Italian, and Japanese. This catches them up much more closely to the English (new features added in 4.1 and 4.3, plus 4.0 features not fully documented when we last translated the Dorico manuals, and the updated Play mode chapter), although that is still a little further ahead as more got written during the translation process.

The separate Tokens and Popovers PDFs have also both been updated recently.


As always, @Lillie_Harris , thank you to you and your staff.


Lillie, should suggestions for possible clarification of the manual be made in this thread, in new threads, or by private message to you?

Whichever you prefer – if you can tell me a bit about the situation you encountered, rather than simply what text you think should be added/changed, that would be helpful, so I can assess the full context.