Dorico 4 midi channel switch question

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I’m quite sorry if the topic has already been asked. I’m currently on Dorico 3.5

I’m currently thinking about changing sound banks. The problem is that the one I’m looking at, has different patches for different articulations (IRCAM solo instruments 2). Previously, I used Cinematic studio series which had all articulations on one patch.

I know that on 3.5 it’s not possible to program either a patch change or a channel change witch articulations (you can work around it by having different instruments on one player but it’s a bit of a pain). Does version 4 have a fonction for that ?

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Hi Philippe.
I’m not familiar with those libraries, so this might be totally wrong. But can’t you use the channel change available in the expression map to program this kind of “patch change” ?

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For some reason, I never was able to make any channel switch function correctly with kontakt in Dorico. Maybe I’m missing something important but I tried doing absolute channel, relative channel switches within one instance of Kontakt and it never worked for some reason.

Have you sucessfully used this fonction ?

Marc is right, this works in both 3.5 and 4. Besides, IRCAM solo instruments is not for Kontakt (as far as I know?!?) but only for the UVI Workstation. Keyswitch patches are also included, and Ircam Solo Instruments/UVI works fine with Dorico, at least on Windows…

Yes, it’s possible with Kontakt. You can easily create an instrument bank:

Then you simply load your individual patches into it, by dragging them one by one from the library into the slots.


And to trigger these articulations individually from the expression map, you program Dorico to trigger PC (program change) messages instead of CC or keyswitch.

Since there are 127 slots or programs in a bank, you can create giant expression maps that occupy a single MIDI channel and live in a single instance of Kontakt. You can also set faders on each patch inside the instrument bank individually. The only downside, in my opinion, is that the GUI of the patch will be displayed in Editor Mode and it will look extremely ugly.

I hope I didn’t misunderstand your question, but if I did - just trash what I wrote above :wink:

Thank you for your input.

I red again the manual and retried the channel switching on Kontakt and it seems to work only in some instances. I’ll work on that.

For IRCAM solo yes it’s for UVI. I looked as much as I can and I can find that there are 3 patches with multiple techniques each. The goal would be to have access to all of those patches. Have you worked with these soundbanks yourself ?

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It’s not exactly related to what I originaly asked but I’m actually mind blown. I had no idea this could be done. It will for shure give me a lot more tools.

Thanks so very much !!!

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