Dorico 4 missing notes when importing a project from Dorico 3.5


I just installed Dorico 4 and I noticed that some notes are missing when I opened an older Dorico project ( The notes that I noticed are missing (there might very well be more) are in a violin section player with 2 voices where only the top missing. I noticed that there used to be a nested tuplet and a grace note exactly there the notes are beginning to disappear, leaving only rests. I haven’t yet done a complete check on the file, but I guess somebody in the team might know what is causing the issue and what I should do next.

Thank you!

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No, there are no known issues where opening a project created in an earlier version will cause notes not to appear. Please attach the original Dorico 3.5 project here, together with details of where you spot the differences between the two versions, and we’ll take a closer look.

Here it is:

I have cut out only the strings from the project and the problem I mentioned arises at measure 19. The notes are visible in Dorico 3.5, but are missing in Dorico 4.

I am afraid this looks like a bug - we’re just investigating now. Very sorry for the problem.

I had a similar and strange behaviour today.
I imported a little music.xml file into an existing project. New instruments were generated. One line (actual the singers line with lyrics) came out as generic Flute, which I don’t mind.
But - even if the flute was chosen to be displayed in the score and this flow, the system would not show up in the score, even in Galley view. In the layout of this flute player all music was there. Trying to change to the score from there with „W“ had no effect.
At the end I copied the music from the flute layout, then switched to the score and pasted into my Soprano system.

@VanDariu we’re still investigating, but the problem is related to the presence of a grace note before a nested tuplet.

@k_b your problem sounds like something else I think, though we would have to see the project to know what it is.


Aha! The grace note was the culprit! Thanks for the info. Will there be an update/patch or something like that? I guess I just need to wait a bit, no problem.

Yes, we’ll need to fix this bug in a maintenance release. We’re looking into it at the moment.


Just to confirm from the Rite of Spring thread - that issue does indeed seem to be caused by the bassoon grace notes in bar 4, immediately before a nested tuplet.

Just now I tried erasing the the nested tuplets in bar 4 and re-inputting the bassoon part. I can re-enter everything except the two grace notes just before the nested tuplet (other grace notes are fine, and so is the nested tuplet itself). The program doesn’t crash, but when I try to enter the grace notes, or copy-paste them from bar 2, nothing happens. Thanks, and I hope that’s useful info!

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We’ve fixed this bug in our internal builds, and we are planning (assuming nothing bad happens in the meantime) for the first maintenance release to be ready at the start of February, so you only have to live with this bug for a week or so longer.


Excellent news, thanks for the quick attention to this!