Dorico 4 mixer fills screen & hides access to project

The mixer in Dorico 4 automatically goes to full screen, blocking access to the tool bar and does not reduce in size when I use the “exit full screen” command applicable to Write or Engrave modes, for example. The only way I have found to see my project again is by putting the curser to the top of the screen and going to Window—>Mixer but this is inconvenient. Is there a way to adjust the default size of the mixer in Dorico 4 to be less than full screen? (I am working on a 15" MacBook Pro running Mac OS 10.15.7 Catalina.)

The Mixer will only open in full screen mode if your Dorico project window is already set to full screen, and it will then open in its own (macOS) Space, so you should be able to move between your project window and your Mixer window using the standard means of switching between Spaces:

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