Dorico 4 & multiple displays

Unfortunately, since Dorico 4.0.31, the problem with the second display does not help me to select instruments from the second Dorico window to copy them to the first. Dorico on the second display (2560x1440) shows no possibility to select instruments (the window is frozen). It only works again on the first display (3840x2160). This makes fast copying impossible. I have read about the QT framework problem. In Dorico 3.5 it was no problem. I hope for a solution soon.

Windows 10

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Can you be a bit more specific about the nature of the “freeze” you’re experiencing? What mode are you trying to copy from? Are you copying from one project to another, or between two windows in the same project?

Here is an example, an empty new project, everything Ok. Open a new XML project on a second monitor (1440x2160) to copy something from it. See example, the individual instruments are not selectable.
2.Display 1440x2560

This might not be the same issue, but when I work on my laptop (M1 mac) with a second monitor, then disconnect the external monitor, and then later reconnect it, sometimes drop-down menus on the external screen will appear on the internal laptop screen. My solution is just to restart Dorico.

Right, so it’s the layout selector in the toolbar: it won’t show its menu because of some kind of geometry problem. Fortunately there are other ways to switch between layouts. For example, you could show the tab bar, add a tab, and then choose the new layout from the menu that appears in the music area. Another option would be to use Window > Next/Previous Layout (which have default key commands). Yet another option is to select a note or other item in the instrument whose part you want to view and hit W (the shortcut for Window > Counterpart Layout). You can switch back from the part to the full score again by hitting W a second time.

Thanks for the help, I could have figured it out myself, but the geometry problems are only on the second monitor. When the second monitor is off all windows of Dorico work as expected. As soon as the second monitor is turned on some window behaviors change.
Here is another window problem when I move Dorico to the active second monitor for info.

Yes, these are all really manifestations of the same problem. We are hoping that the Qt developers will fix some of these issues soon; we would prefer not to have to spend our very limited development time on these kinds of platform issues.