Dorico 4 - New players/instruments added not showing indication in mixer

I have found that when I add a player/instruments to an existing project while there is a column for the new item in the mixer and audio is heard there is no volume indication in the mixer for that item until I save and reload the project.

I’m unable to reproduce this, Andy. What playback device(s) are you using? Do you reproduce the problem if you are using the standard HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template?

I’m using a playback template that I created for Spitfire Syphonic Strings. Initially it only included Violin 1 + Violin 1 Legato and Violin 2 plus Violin 2 Legato and Viola plus Viola Legato but I wanted to add Cello and Bass. I discovered that unless I added HSSE+HSO (Pro) to the SSS template it wouldn’t allow me to add new players/instruments. Once I fixed that and reloaded I was able to add new ones but for some reason though the audio could be heard and the instrument appeared in the mixer, there was no volume indication. So I saved and closed the project and then reloaded. Once reloaded the mixer started to show the volume. I test it with only a HaLION cello in HSSE + HSO (Pro) and the same thing happened. The master output displayed the volume but not the individual instrument in the mixer until I reloaded.

I created a new project with only one SSS solo violin and one SSS viola. What I started to notice is that while the new instrument didn’t get and volume indication its own part of the mixer to begin with, when I waited a little while the volume indication started to appear. It was always being show in the master output however. So maybe it’s a matter of patience.

I’ve discovered it’s a question of waiting. No doubt it varies from PC to PC, Mac to Mac. I run Dorico 4 on a four core Acer laptop with 32Gb of ram. Initially the new player/instrument in the mixer does not indicate any signal although the master output is displaying the signal. I’ve found that if I wait a little time, maybe saving the project again and then go back to play mode the signal appears. Users with more powerful hardware than me may not notice but it’s something to be aware of

I have a similar problem. I created a new playback template containing first Noteperformer, then BBCSO Core expression maps. I want to have woodwinds played by Noteperformer but strings by BBCSO.
After using this playback template Noteperformer is creating all instruments. To replace the strings by BBCSO I then manually create BBCSO instances, load the instruments and the expression maps. I can hear the BBCSO strings, but the mixer does not show volume for them and does also not react to movements of sliders. After reload and waiting until everything is loaded still the same behaviour.

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If you set BBCSO first but limit its purview to Strings in the right column and then list NP, you should get what you describe automatically.


Thank you Derrek, that worked as you described.