Dorico 4 not closing properly

After working with Dorico 4 (latest version) after I close the program and come back later I notice that it and the vst app are still open in the task manager. I usually don’t notice it until I try to listen to an mp3 and there is no sound. Shouldn’t it close out in the task manager when I close the program?

Are you on Mac or Windows? On Mac it is normal that if you close the hub window that the program actually still runs.

Thanks for the reply Ulf. I am on Win 11

Then closing the hub window should also close the app. Or how do you quit the app?
Also, when you notice that Dorico did not quit, how do you close it then and does it actually do or do you have to force quit it via the Task Manager?

When I’m finished using D4 I close it my clicking on the red x in the upper r.h. corner. If the app is still open in task manager I end task there.

On my windows machine, clicking the X in the upper righthand corner only closes the file and brings up the Hub. To close Dorico completely, I have to choose File > Exit or use the X to close the document and then close the Hub.

I second what Derrek says.

Thanks for the replies, will give it a try