Dorico 4 - Not loading

I get a notice saying
No Licence found
No license for Dorico 4 AudioEngine has been found in your account, so your software cannot run.
and that’s it?

Are you trying to run Dorico Pro, Elements or SE?

Have you definitely received the Download Access Code for your Dorico 4 update purchase from the online shop and successfully entered it into Steinberg Download Assistant to update your existing Dorico 3.5 license?

All up and running…Shut down and rebooted seems to have done the trick…I also want Dorico 4 running on my main Studio PC at home, got it running on my Mac Laptop at the moment, is there anything in particular that I need to do other than download and install? Do I use the same Access code?

You don’t need to use the Download Access Code again. Just update SDA on your other machine so that it installs Steinberg Activation Manager for you, then download Dorico Pro 4, and run it: you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Steinberg ID, and that’s it.

Fantastic, thank you :+1: