Dorico 4 not responding to touch input (Surface laptop Studio)

Dorico 4 SE is not responding to touch input from my fingers, on my Surface Laptop Studio. Dorico 3.5 SE responded perfectly to touch input. Is this a known problem?

No, this isn’t a known problem. Can you say a bit more about which user interface elements you’re touching that are no longer responding to your touch?

Most things will respond to my Surface Pen, but not to my fingers. On the Hub, nothing responds to my fingers, including the recent projecs. Inside a project, things that do NOT respond to fingers include everything on the top panel ("Setup, Write Play… the transport buttons etc) as well as things on the right panel (clefs, time signatures all that stuff). Things that DO respond to fingers include notes on the actual score, and most of the stuff on the left panel (notes etc.).
Note - i use my fingers for touch on Cubase 11 and Dorico 3.5 with no issues, so this problem is something new.

I can confirm that on my Surface Pro 7. Exactly the same symptoms (Hub, top and right panel don’t work) under Dorico Pro 4.

The bottom panel works partly: I can change properties and play the piano/fretboard/drums, and I can pinch-zoom the piano roll, but the buttons that switch between properties/piano etc. don’t work, and the mixer/piano roll can’t be interacted with.

The filter dropdown in galley view doesn’t respond either.

Dialogs like Notation options, Library manager etc. seem to work perfectly.

@steinberg, could you please confirm that you have logged this issue and plan to look at it? Is there another channel we should use to submit this? I’m a Canadian customer and not sure what the process is to officially submit a technical issue like this.

Don’t worry, you can be sure it has been logged and is being looked into. Daniel and his team are extremely diligent about these things.

Yes, you don’t need to worry, I am keeping a close eye on every issue and we will investigate this as soon as we can. Please see this duplicate thread: