Dorico 4 on MacOS - How do I map HALion Sonic SE channel to mixer? Each part is heard

Hi, I have a simple song with 7 instruments each assigned to a different HALion Sonic SE MIDI channel and each can be heard. Only one of the parts are showing the volume on the fader and when I lower this, all the parts volume changes (which tells me that this the master HSSE (HALion Sonic fader).

How do I map each HALion Sonic channel to a Play Mixer fader?

I am a Cubase user and very familiar with how routing is accomplished.

Thank you, BC

In this case you have to go to the HALion Sonic SE editor and change the output routing there. Go to the Mix tab and make sure that every sound slot goes to a different output port. You are set up at the moment in a way that every slot sends its output to the Main port.

Ulf, thank you very much. I would have never thought to do what you suggested and works just fine now.


When you pply one of Dorico’s default playback templates, it automatically sets HALion Sonic SE up such that each slot/channel is directed to its own output. It’s better to use an instance of HSSE loaded by Dorico rather than one that you load yourself, for this reason.

Thank you Daniel,

What I did in this case was create an empty project and imported an XML file created in Cubase. This would be my typical workflow.

Have a great day, BC

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It might still be worth using the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template in your new empty project. That way you should already have an instance of HSSE loaded with the appropriate output routing set up.

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I see that, thank you.