Dorico 4 opens only as administrator

Since the last Windows 10 update I can open Dorico (Elements) as an administrator only. It happened with Dorico 4 and stayed like this when I updated to 4.1 and 4.2. Also the streamdeck is no longer working with Dorico (with other applications it works fine). I just updated the Activation Manager today, which did not help. Any ideas what I can do?

Dorico itself doesn’t require administrator privileges to open. What actually happens when you try to run it without admin privileges?

For a split of a second I can see it in the background processes in the task manager then it disappears. So I don’t even see the grey start pop up window.

If you are on Windows, can you quit Dorico, delete the %temp%\Dorico 4 directory, and then try running Dorico again as a normal user?

I’ve deleted AppData\Local\Steinberg\Dorico without any changes. Do you mean AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4 ? It contains the playback specs and endpoint configs.

Edit: I just found AppData\Local\Temp\Dorico 4 and removed it. Now it is starting normally and streamdeck is also back to life. Thank you!!!

Great, glad it worked!