Dorico 4 - Option to solo instruments in instrument filters

The new instrument filters are really useful, although I think it would be time saving if there was an option to automatically solo the filtered instrument set. Currently if you have a full orchestra and you’ve filtered it to just the brass for example, you still hear all of the orchestra parts. If often find it useful to just listen to one section in isolation, so if there was an extra button or preference to only playback the visible instruments on screen, that would be really useful. Being able to just see and hear only the instruments I’m working on would really help from focus point of view!

I know you could either solo the brass from the mixer, or drag the mouse around all of the brass instruments, but that’s more fiddly to do time and time again.

It would also be useful to have groups in the mixer, so that you could solo the whole percussion section (for example) with one click. Currently you’d have to click solo on each individual instrument - which can be a lot of clicking if you’ve got a lot of percussion.


Welcome to the forum, Matt, and thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make a note of it and perhaps we’ll be able to implement it down the line.


My workaround for this is to make a selection of the filtered staves and type “P”.



… which then brings in the entire orchestra again when you press SHIFT+SPACE to repeat.

If you want to hear only the selected instruments a second time press P again. By leaving the notes selected you can even repeatedly alternate between listening to only those instruments or all together by alternately pressing P or shift space.

Click a note on the topmost Brass instrument, then Shift Click a note on the bottommost Brass staff - bingo, you’ve selected all of them inbetween. You can add or remove other staves with Command click (CTRL on PC).

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That’s only if you don’t change the selection. If you’re editing, etc. I just find it very inconsistent behavior.

If you select all the staves in the filter then press Alt/Opt-S, that solos the selected instruments in the Mixer and will therefore persist for subsequent playbacks.

You can deactivate all solo states either by clicking the highlighted S button in the Mixer, or by pressing Shift-Alt/Opt-S.

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Thanks Lillie - that’s a neat way of doing it! I’m finding that much quicker than manually soloing things or selecting the instruments each time.

I’d still love to see a preference to make the filter default to being soloed, or a button like the one described in this thread.