Dorico 4 Performance Issues

I just upgraded to Dorico 4 from 3.5 and I’m running into quite a few problems with sluggish UI, long waits for certain operations, etc. These don’t happen in Dorico 3.5, and they only occur on my larger concert band scores, not for smaller test scores I’ve tried. As one example, in Write mode when I switch from a section part back to the Full Score view, it takes about 30-40 seconds, and the program “stops responding” during that time. Even when selecting the dropdown at the top of Write mode to select which score/part I want to see, it takes 1 to 2 seconds for the UI to “catch up” to whichever layout I’m currently hovering over. This doesn’t happen in Dorico 3.5 on a score of the same size. I just pressed F3 to open the mixer, and have been waiting for 5 minutes so far while the program is not responding. Any help greatly appreciated.

I created a Diagnostics file but unfortunately it is 4.32 MB and over the attachment size limit. EDIT: I zipped the individual folders inside the diagnostic report to attach them. I’d be happy to share my Dorico file with a dev.

OS: Windows 10 (updated)
Processor: 6 core 3.3 GHz
RAM: 16 GB

Activation (42.8 KB) (738.1 KB) (3.3 MB) (178.1 KB)

If you first zip up the diagnostics file, you should then be able to attach it here.

The dev team will also want you to share a file with them (even if privately) so they can troubleshoot the file and sus out any bugs it may be triggering.

The file is already zipped, but I’ll see if I can break it up into smaller chunks and attach those

The fact that Dorico did not respond anymore could be due to a crash of the audio engine. The audio engine runs as a separate background process. If it crashes, Dorico continues to run but may become unresponsive, because it waits for an answer from an audio engine that is not there any more.
In your is one dump file of the audio engine. I had a look in the debugger and the crash was caused by NotePerformer, so actually nothing that we from our side can do about.

Please do email both your diagnostics and your project file to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, including information about specific operations you perform that seem unusually slow, and we’ll look into the problems as soon as we can.

Thanks Daniel and Ulf. I sent the files over just now with some more examples of sluggishness I reproduced several times. I’m noticing that I can reliably get a 30-40 second hang when switching between Write and Engrave mode (and back), but not when switching from Write to Play or Write to Print. The hang is the same length as when switching between individual parts/score in Write mode.

For those following along, there’s nothing unusual about @Omnus’s projects, and there is no significant difference between Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 in terms of performance of the operations described. My current hypothesis is that the problem is local to @Omnus’s system and is related to some kind of configuration difference between Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4: my money is on a MIDI input feedback loop, but we’ll see!

Replied to Daniel via email but just to update the thread for posterity, here is what I’ve tried to no avail. I’m still tinkering around with settings to see if anything changes.

  • Disabling all MIDI inputs in Preferences > Play to avoid any possible feedback loop
  • Disabling all VST2 Plugins in Preferences > VST Plug-Ins
  • Uninstalling and Reinstalling Dorico 4
  • “Clear Audio Engine Cache” and “Reset Audio Engine Data” in Preferences > Play
  • Disabling “MIDI In” and “MIDI Thru” in Preferences > Play
  • Disasbling ASIO Guard in Preferences > Play > Advanced
  • Switching between my audio interface’s ASIO driver (UMC ASIO) and the other options in Device Setup, often restarting the program between changes

If I open the same file in Dorico 3.5, everything is as snappy as ever, with no hanging or sluggishness.

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Just updating this thread - after many days of troubleshooting with Daniel’s help, I’ve narrowed the problem down to Google Drive. Strangely, when the desktop client of Google Drive is running on my computer, Dorico 4 (but not 3.5) produces this sluggish behavior. I’m sure that this is an isolated issue on my machine, since many people use both Google Drive and Dorico, likely without any problems. Right now I’m keeping Google Drive closed and using Dorico 4 without issue, but I will update if I determine a fix or workaround.


Omnus - Kudos for the follow up. It’s just this sort of responsible behavior that makes this forum so valuable. :clap: