Dorico 4 playback - no sound

I have just upgraded from dorico 3 to version 4.
I have also upgraded my vsl libraries to VSL synchron se libraries
I have started a very simple score but am not getting any sound out and dont know where to look


Hi. There’s a very useful Troubleshooting audio Video , I suggest you start watching it.

Adding to Marc, and if after going through that video you are still without sound, create a project from piano template, do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

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Have you downloaded the Dorico Expression Maps and Playback Template that VSL provides? If not, go to their site, log in to MyVSL, and click MyDownloads. Under “Notation Related” download the “VSL for Dorico Installer.” After installing, in Dorico go to Play/Playback Template then apply the one that corresponds to your libraries as below:

After that they should be working for any of the VSL instruments you own.

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Dorico (532.2 KB)

hi - yes, thanks, I had already downloaded and run the ‘VSL for dorico installer’ which also appears to have installed the expression maps.

Hi @wulfpete1 ,
from the logs everything looks quite normal, except that the output is currently routed to Realtek Digital Output and not your Focusrite. Is that what you want?
If not, go to Edit > Device Setup and change the ASIO driver.

Hi. I was convinced I had already checked the routing options and made the appropriate changes. For some reason I don’t think my changes had been saved. Anyway, now things are working as they should be, so thanks to everyone who helped.

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