Dorico 4 Playback on Macbook Pro is out of tune

Hi there!

I have been using Dorico regularly on my desktop PC, but just today I thought to try it out on my Macbook. Unfortunately, it turns out that all the notes being played back are about a 3/4 of a tone sharper than what’s written - maybe even a whole tone sharper. I’ve circumvented this temporarily by going into the Playback Options pop-out menu and changing the default ‘A=440 Hz’ down to about ‘A=404,’ give or take, but this couldn’t be the only option, could it? I have no external hardware plugged into my Macbook, nor do I have any software running (like other DAWs) that could potentially affect a tone change. Am I perhaps overlooking something?

This is nearly always a mismatch of samples rates between Dorico, VSTs and the OS. Check that everything is either all 44.1 KHz or all 48 KHz, but not mixed.

Oh my gosh thank you so much! This has definitely fixed the problem. I feel a little embarrassed it was such an easy fix lol. Much appreciated!

I wanted to bump this thread and revisit this problem because it is happening again, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong!

Old projects do in fact, play in tune, and so I thought the problem solved for a bit. But now, when I create new projects, it seems to play everything out of tune again. I had checked that the sample rates in Dorico match my audio device’s sample rates, and they do. And in fact, I have 2 projects open right now just to test it - one plays everything in tune (old project), the other does not (project created today).

Is there something I’m missing?

What if you go to Edit > Device Setup and change the sample rate, wait for 3 seconds and change it back, then close the dialog. Is it then back in tune?

Unfortunately that did not work. However I tried to mismatch the sample rates of my audio device and Dorico’s playback, and that seemed to fix the new project’s tuning, but the old project’s tuning now is, predictably, messed up.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the mismatched sample rates, not sure if that’s of any help lol

You may need to check the VST Player, as some of those have settings for the sample rate, independently.

I am using HALion SE on both open projects, and using the same instruments (violin and piano). I also don’t know how to change the sample rate in HALion haha :frowning:

You can try going to Play > Playback Template and reapplying the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template, which will reset any local configuration changes you’ve intentionally or otherwise made to the HALion Sonic SE player.

Oh, good to know! Tried that just now, but, unfortunately, that didn’t seem to fix the weird out of tune playback between the two projects :frowning:

For now, I guess I will simply use older projects as a template/jumping off point when creating new projects, since I would rather match sample rates than mismatch them between Dorico and my computer. Luckily, my Macbook is not my main workhorse (where playback seems to be fine there), so this is just an inconvenience, albeit a frustrating one to figure out.

And just for clarity’s sake I’ll reiterate that the temporary, weird, fix I am doing is to have Dorico’s sample rate at 44.1 kHz, and my Macbook’s sample rate at 48 kHz in order to have Dorico’s playback in tune for projects I’ve created recently (as of today). Matching sample rates seems to work fine in older projects.

Hi @kevin.m4 , would it be possible that you send me (maybe even a stripped down version) of your “detuned” project? I am most curious about your case and want to find out. Please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Absolutely! Just sent it a few minutes ago :slight_smile: