Dorico 4 Playmode: growing shadow in maximized toolbar over "expression and cc" makes it unreadable

there is a shadow that is growing on the left side of the toolbar when maximizing the toolbar.
You can see it when maximizing the toolbar and changing to" expression and cc" and you use a cc and not velocity… If you use velocity everything is ok and good to see.
With the shadow you nearly can´t see the “+” to add a keyframe and the “^” to increase the value because of the shadow.
This is only a graphical issue an maybe can fixed easily in the next update.


Can you post a screen shot?

It would appear that Sauron is plotting his comeback to the left of your toolbar…

Sorry, couldn’t resist… :mage:
Have a great day!


Here some screenshots

Screenshot with cc - the shawod appears over the Icons

Screenshot Velocity, everything is ok.

And the size of the toolbar changes the shadow.

Today Sauron was still there :wink:

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Yes, we know about this issue, and it’s on our list to be fixed. It only affects (some of the) non-English versions of Dorico. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

The White Council brought forth its might, and vanquished the Enemy once again!