Dorico 4 prevents OS sleep

On my Windows 11 laptop, Dorico being prevents the OS from going to sleep. Not just automatic sleep after X minutes, but even when I actively try to put it to sleep, it refuses.

This has bitten me twice before I realized Dorico was the culprit, resulting in a dead battery and a blazing hot laptop in my bag. :confused:

Hi Dan, with me this does not happen. Do you just close the lid or do you put it to sleep via Start > Power > Sleep? And in the Windows settings, what is your power plan?

I have the same issue on my Win10 desktop.

No other app causes it, only Dorico.

Hi Ulf, the power settings are set correctly. It doesn’t matter whether I close the lid, press the power button, or let it sit for the selected number of minutes… it won’t go to sleep if Dorico is launched.

When Dorico is totally closed out, it goes to sleep as expected.

I’m only raising this because I recall other users saying Dorico 4 finally allows their machines to sleep automatically, but for me it doesn’t.

Dorico won’t allow your machine to sleep automatically, e.g. after the machine is “idle” for a period of time, because the audio engine’s high-priority thread(s) means that the machine is never idle.

But you should be able to make your computer go to sleep by explicitly commanding it to do so. If it doesn’t, chances are, it’s some kind of audio device driver issue.