Dorico 4 Pro installed but loads SE


Windows 10:
I had a previous installation of Dorico SE which I uninstalled in preparation for Dorico 4 Pro installation. Successfully installed Dorico 4 Pro. But when I tried loading, it loads up SE instead…and yet SE is clearly uninstalled. Is there something I missed?

I tried deleting the app, reinstalling, rebooting and all that jazz.

I have a second installation on my Mac that was successful.

Many thanks

Is your Dorico SE licence still activated in Steinberg Activation Manager? I would try deactivating that first, and if that doesn’t work I would signing out of SAM and then signing back in.

Thank you. Solved. Now, why wouldn’t that show up when I first start the application after installation? Seems only obvious that one would want it activated???

My Mac installation never asked, I suppose, because SE was not installed there.

The installed application files are actually the same between Dorico SE and Dorico Pro (although Dorico Pro does ship with some extra sound content). The application works out whether to run as Pro/Elements/SE based on the licence it finds.