Dorico 4 Pro Play Tab Features Not Working

  1. When I drag the slider to expand or shrink the key editor horizontally or vertically, save whatever changes I’ve made, close the project, and re-open the project, Dorico does not remember the settings I made with the slider. This is annoying and wastes time. Please make it so the slider settings to adjust the horizontal/vertical settings of the key editor are saved with my project.
  2. When I click the button to toggle through the 3 vertical size settings for the tracks, likewise, it doesn’t remember my settings if I save my project and come back to it later. Please make it so the vertical settings for the tracks are remembered. Why not make the vertical resizing continuous like many other software programs such as Studio One?
  3. When I open the mixer and click on the global mute or solo buttons, nothing happens; they don’t seem to be working consistently or not at all.
  4. There don’t appear to be any tool tips when I hover over any of the controls, which is not helpful at all, requiring one to memorize every single control and what it does. Studio One has this down to a science and it’s very easy to implement (I’ve done programming) so why not?
  5. As of yet, I haven’t figured out how to delete automation that came over from Dorico 3.5 Pro and there are no tool tips and no play section of the manual yet! Please, please help me with this one since there doesn’t appear to be any documentation. I can record more automation into the lane, but it doesn’t seem to overwrite the previous automation completely.
  6. Although it records the automation (e.g.: CC 1, CC 7, CC 11 etc.) I input using my surface controller, it doesn’t display it in real time as I’m inputting it like in a full fledged DAW. Is there a preference setting or something to make this happen? This is a MUST have and recording automation without real time feedback is not worth much to me.

If the global buttons are highlighted it means you have soloed/muted tracks. They just turn any soloed or muted tracks off.

Yes, but the button color is supposed to highlight when it’s active and that’s not happening. And nothing is happening when I click on the buttons

I understand how the buttons work. When I click them nothing is happening to the tracks in the mixer.

This is just one of the many features not working in Dorico 4 Pro. Dorico 3.5 Pro is very stable and I am contemplating reverting back to it until the bugs are fixed in Dorico 4 Pro. Same song and dance as what I’ve heard about Cubase out on independent forums. Cubase has tons of legacy code and is very buggy. PLEASE don’t go down the same road with Dorico. Dorico 3.5 Pro was VERY stable and NEVER crashed. Today, Dorico 4 Pro crashed and I’ve only been using it about three weeks. Please don’t make any more updates to Dorico 4 Pro until the bugs are fixed.

I am not going to go through the trouble of making a video. It’s such a pain… load Voicemeeter Banana… and then pray it plays well with the audio engine. If anyone is wondering, I use a PC which with the ASIO driver, makes something like Voicemeeter Banana necessary to provide a conduit for the audio from the app to the audio outs on the audio interface.

Developers should take our word in cases like this. The global mute and solo buttons do not work. Me making a video isn’t going to prove to you that I clicked on the button, because it makes no sound or visible motion when I click on it.

Please setup a call with me and I will prove to you that it does NOT work!

No, sorry, they do work. They work on my computer, and if they don’t work on yours it’s because your installation has gone wrong somehow. Throwing a tantrum doesn’t fix it, reinstalling may. Over and out.

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Let’s keep it professional Nickie. I was just stating facts. Maybe it is my installation.

Which buttons are you calling global mute and solo? (a picture might help us understand)

For some reason they are working now… but thanks.