Dorico 4 Pro - unable to open application

I posted this on the Facebook page yesterday and the Great Spreadbury recommended to move it over here, so here it is: 'The Steinberg Manager tells me that I have successfully activated Dorico 4 Pro and all downloads look like they have been successful. However when I try to open the application the black square in the middle of the screen either says ‘awaiting audio engine’ or ‘launched audio engine’ or something else containing the words ‘argument’! Either way the result is that the beachball arrives and I have to force quit Dorico. Never previously had any problem downloading and opening any Dorico updates. Fortunately I can still open 3.5 and therefore keep working… iMac Pro OS Big Sur. 64Gb RAM. "

Please see here:

Hopefully that will help!

Yes I found that and in the ‘library’ found all the Dorico folders including Dorico 4 but found it was empty! Does this mean it has not in fact downloaded at all? I don’t have the ‘Eucon’ folder but did have the Groove Agent one. I tried to move it to desktop but that only copied it, as it’s still there so the only option is ‘move to bin’ which I haven’t done.

I found the Groove Agent within another folder and was able to move it out. Hey Presto Dorico 4 opened! All is well. Looking forward to using it now. Thanks for your help.

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