Dorico 4 Problem

Dorico 4 does not start, (Mac OS Monterrey) it is activated correctly in SAM, it stays stuck in: Audio engine: waiting for connection, Dorico 3.5 works without problems, any clues?

Umm… possibly dumb suggestion. Try restarting your computer? Maybe that’ll free up the audio engine. But take this with a huge chunk of salt as even I haven’t installed Dorico 4 yet so I have almost no idea what I’m talking about. // Edit: also I just stumbled across another audio engine issue where EuCon was crashing it. Maybe this will fix your issue? Dorico 4 hangs on startup - #4 by richhickey

Thanks, I already did, reboot, uninstall the audio card (Focusrite), and continue without booting

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I also found a EuCon issue, edited my OP

If the advice @Ulf provided in that other thread doesn’t help, please gather any crash dump files from the audio engine by looking in /Users/your-username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports for any .ips files whose names start with VSTAudioEngine, zip them up and attach them here.

@Max_Gamiz: I have installed Dorico 4 on my Mac with macOS 10.14 (I guess it is called Monterey). First time I started it up, I got stuck at exactly the same spot as you, but when I tried a second time, everything went well. I think Dorico 4 might have to write or copy library files from version 3.5 or doing some maintenance before it will start up.

[edit: oh no, it’s called macOS Mojave]

Thanks, Groove Agent SE.vst3 was the problem I removed it from the component folder and I was able to open Dorico 4

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