Dorico 4 Project Template Customization

I would like to know where/how Dorico stores the Project Templates that it shows when bringing up the Hub. I see that I can add to the default templates, but I’d like to customize that list more by renaming or deleting certain templates. Can I do this?

The factory-supplied templates are not real project files, but rather they are (if you like) recipes for creating projects with specific ingredients. As such they’re not in an particular location on your disk and I wouldn’t recommend trying to interfere with them too much.

Thank you for responding Daniel. Unfortunately, this makes the feature pretty useless for professional needs. Customization is so important for a feature like this. So I guess I go back to making my own project templates and try out the Hub on the next release.

I’m not sure I understand your objection, sorry. If you want to replace Dorico’s factory template for (say) Modern orchestra with one of your own, simply use File > Save As Project Template and specify that you new template should be in the Orchestral category and called Modern orchestra, and Dorico will show your template in precedence over the factory one.

If this still isn’t sufficient for your purposes, please tell me more about your needs.

Yes, I’ve saved several templates that I can see under my own category, but what about making a change to a template or removing one. Somehow, Dorico created two categories for me where I only wanted one with two templates in it (Probably a typo although I was careful). So I would like to delete the incorrect category and move the template in it to the other category. But, in general, I see that I can add templates, but being able to remove them or reorganize them is also important down the road. I guess at a minimum, if I could delete a category or a template, I could do what I need to. Thank you.

Ok, I do see where I can remove a template now with the hamburger menu on it. That works for me to do what I need to as it removes the category when it’s empty. Thanks again.

Great, glad you have what you need.

I’m trying to find the folder where I created my custom templates in Dorico 4. I would like to delete one but I can’t find it. Any help?

On a Mac, the User Project Templates can be found at

-/User/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4/Project Templates

You can also delete the template directly from Dorico’s Hub window: there’s a little “hamburger” menu in the top right-hand corner of the tile for the template on the Create New page of the Hub, and in there you’ll find the option to delete your user template. (You can’t delete built-in templates.)

See also:

I would like to know how to resolve the composer, birth/death date shown in the picture in this format (one below the other; different font size)?

Use the First page template, create a text frame with the {@projectcomposer@} token on one line, and the {@projectcomposerdates@} on next line, change the format to Center, change the font size to what you need for each token, make sure you copy those settings to the other page (with the button at the top), apply and close. And of course, make sure there are no overrides on that page, so that the template applies.

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