Dorico 4 & Repeat sign on drums section

I didn’t find this issue so far on the forum regarding Dorico 4. I was programming tonight a drum section on Dorico 4 with repeat signs as usual and, I don’t know how nor why, the previous bar still repeats endlessly even after having removed the repeat sign. And now when I enter the sign “%” in the right Bar (Shift+R) it displays “%(2)”. It never happened with Dorico 3.5.

@dspreadbury : Is there something I am missing ?

On the Players page of Layout Options, temporarily switch to showing the kit as Single instruments. Do you see a repeat bar region is also present on one of the instruments in the kit? If so, delete it.

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Wow ! Many thanks : it worked ! I definitely did something wrong !!! Dorico 4 is a success : congrats to the team