Dorico 4 - search function in Edit Tonality System window only searches letters & numbers

Before I mention the issue, a HUGE THANK YOU for adding the search function in the Edit Tonality System window. As someone who has hundreds of custom microtonal accidentals, this cuts my time down massively.

However, I noticed the search function (on my machine/installation, at least) only returns search results for letters and numbers. Other characters such as - or +, or # return no results. (Please see attached screenshots).

Would some other users please confirm this on their installations?

If this is the case, could this be addressed in the upcoming maintenance update?

Many thanks to the Dorico Team; you continue to produce a fantastic product!


MacOX 10.15.7

I confirm this here – although I had to edit some names to do so, as I had used only alphabetic names for symbols so far. But in so doing, I also find that I can search for only one alpha string, with no spaces. If I try to filter for more than one word, I get nothing.

To be specific, I am not expecting Dorico to find multiple words in any order, just to allow a filtering string to contain a space. And, while we’re at it, other low-ascii characters such as #, - and +.

Not to say the search functionality isn’t a huge help as it is! Thank you.

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I’ve been looking at this today, and we should be able to sort this out in the first maintenance release, all being well.


@dspreadbury, thank you!