Dorico 4: Shift+S not functioning as before

Hello Dorico users
Something I like to do in writing choral music is break bars onto the next system. So, for instance, I would put the upbeat at the end of a bar down onto the next system, to keep the poetic line on a single line for the singers.
In previous versions of Dorico, this was easy. In Engrave mode, you selected the upbeat note, hit Shift+S (Create System Break), and the bar broke to the new system.
But when I do this in Dorico 4, it always moves the whole bar from the beginning of the bar.
So has the former function been removed? Or is there a new way to do this, without making little 1-beat bars and removing the barlines and so on?

There’s a new preference for whether or not to allow breaks in the middle of bars (as some styles of music, especially film music, will never want a mid-bar break and this makes part formatting easier and quicker).

Thanks @Lillie_Harris
That’s good to know.