Dorico 4 - Sliders update (feature request)

Look at Mixer window.
If that small, lonely stripe on slider’s indicator means zero, then why double-clicking moves slider a bit lower and shows value 0.00, but when moved to the stripe, value is 2.00?

Look at Preferences window.
Where there is zero dB? Somewhere the same as in Mixer window - approximately three bodies of ant from the max +2dB?
Can Dorico team give a PDF file to print out and stick on the display? The same for Mixer window would help!

Dorico team, especially @dspreadbury, I know I’m like a nail in a**, but if you cannot hire good GUI designer, I will work for free for you this pre-Christmas time and after that all major graphic flaws will be fixed.

I didn’t put numbers, because everyone who mixed anything once already understand what is where, but of course numbers should be in final version.

Another needs:

  1. Double-click on value to have edit field to enter value and hit Enter.
  2. Select more tracks in Mixer to have them linked and on any function (slider move, panning, solo and mute) change values relatively or absolutely - for that having buttons like it is in Cubase.

Otherwise, I don’t understand why notation program have Mixer at all if we use dynamics and any plugin have its own output volume that can help us balance whole orchestra.


What magic is under 6.02? Mixer’s slider maximum is +6.02, but since previous versions of Dorico old default value was -6.02.

Is it that hard to look on neighboring team’s work (like Cubase and WaveLab) and ask what worked better for last 30 years?

One can say - it’s not a DAW. Okay, I agree, but this years new features prove that Dorico becomes a DAW. So it’s time to upgrade sliders that’s the same from first version.

Are Cubase and WaveLab built on a Qt foundation? If not, that may explain why Dorico has not adopted the earlier mixer style. I’ll be interested to see what Daniel has to say.

If so, then it explains why “modern” things in Windows is slower than old-school ones. It’s milliseconds, but as you know for piano players some milliseconds can be too long to wait next 16th note :slight_smile:

I don’t really find this slider super helpful either as it’s a complete guess as to where 0 is. If you go to your user preferences.xml file that lives in C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4 in Windows, search for defaultPluginOutputGain and set it to 1. That will then zero out the mixer levels by default.



Thank you! It helped.
Now all sliders are on zero when creating new project.
But what is that little line on around +1 dB if Preferences have max +2 dB, but we can slide up to +6.02 dB? And for what there is .02? Just for fun and have more discussions here or a student didn’t remember function named round()? :wink:

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