Dorico 4 Tempo Change

Everytime I install a new update of Dorico always have a problem doing something so basic that is really frustrating. How tha’ hell I change the tempo? In the previous version I think I had to put the equal sign and with the mouse pointer drag up or down and that was it. I do it now in the 4 version and nothing happens, it’s always on 120


Click on the note symbol next to the tempo in the top right of the GUI and it will toggle between a set tempo and the tempos in your score. It has always been like this.

Done it, but it doesn’t move from the 120, I have clicked it, press shift, move the cursor, press whole bunch of stuff and it remains in 120 with the equal sign, the up and down arrow thing.


The interface has changed. (I’m sure this is for compatibility with the touch-interface on iPad.)

  1. Click on the quarter note so it turns grey ( the arrows change to = )
  2. Click on the number: this pops up a horizontal slider
  3. Slide to adjust the tempo
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Theeeeeeeere you go! Thanks Mark, in my case, a Fader popped out!

yes, you used to drag up or down on the tempo but now you click once on it and then comes a slider – a better implementation in my view but confusing for someone who expects it to work as in previous versions.


Four does look more iPaddy - everything is larger and more cuddly. Maybe they’re using different Qt interfaces, or the style preferences are aligned.

If the tempo change you want is relevant to a particular flow, you can also input a tempo mark with the relevant metronome mark value.

May I respectfully suggest that the slider is made to be operable by mouse wheel?
With dragging, I can’t get it to stick to e.g. 60bpm…


EDIT: On a higher screen resolution, it IS entirely possible to set 60, my bad…

I agree, scrolling capability would be a bit helpful.

A strange thing: On Mac, when this slider is open and I switch to another app, the slider remains in front like a palette window! Harmless, but odd.

Just curious what’s the use case for the slider? I always use tempo markings and never touch the slider, don’t see the point other than if you are just messing around (for whatever reason I always know the tempo I want when I start).

Sometimes you just want to play at a different tempo temporarily, for proofing or composing-review purposes.

In Sibelius the tempo slider scales the written tempo; Dorico’s slider gives one more direct control – in quarter notes per minute, irrespective of the meter. Also unlike Sibelius, you can’t change it during playback, because the play head remains at the same time location while the slider scales the duration of the whole piece.

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