Dorico 4 tempo track

I’m overall completely AMAZED by Dorico 4. What an ambitious update, with EVERY single new feature hitting me right where I live.

I have one quick question - I saw in the vid that tempo is not editable in write mode; but I’m also finding that I cannot adjust the tempo track in Play mode. Is that the case for now w/ Dorico 4, or am I missing something? If it’s a thing we have to wait to get back, I’m fine w/ that - worth all the amazing updates. But just making sure I’m not being boneheaded.

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That’s correct, for the time being the tempo track is non-editable either in Play mode or in Write mode, but this is something we will address as soon as possible.


Sounds good - is it a terrible idea to bring projects back into 3.5 to do tempo track editing? Does it depend on how many new features were used in 4.0?

No, that should work fine. The tempo editor in Dorico 3.5 “just” creates regular tempo events, so it’ll be fine coming forward from 3.5 to 4.0. Just watch out that any new 4.0-only features you use will not survive a roundtrip if you save in 3.5.

On that subject, today was my first time to try opening an updated file in an older version of Dorico, and it is amazing that this works at all! :smiley: (I’m not surprised, though, given the incredible organization of data across the whole application.)

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Any best guess on timing getting the tempo edits back?

Welcome to the forum, @Jason_Barney. I can’t be sure – it’s possible it will be in the next update that we are planning for the end of February, but it’s also possible at this stage it will be in the one after that. We’re still focused on some issues relating to mouse-handling in the Key Editor that we want to resolve before we return to re-implementing the tempo editor.

Is there any alternative way to do this? Because I’m scoring a scene and it’s completely impossible to sync it up correctly without this feature. Having features that are essential for me disappear after an upgrade is extremely frustrating, when I didn’t need to upgrade in the first place.

If you have D3.5x do the tempo editing there and it will be there when you reopen in D4.x. Welcome to the forum Luminous!

I post this solely in the hope Luminous_Music doesn’t miss lafin’s advice based on their virtually identical avatars.

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+1 for speeding up re-implementation of Tempo Editing!
It is a major bump in the road when filmscoring not to have the editing possible.
I will go back to 3.5 until the next update.

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