Dorico 4 thanks

I can’t keep it in any longer - Dorico 4 is fantastic. Thanks to all the team at Steinberg for monumental effort put into this. I know this post is just taking up bandwidth, and may even be a duplicate topic, but I just have to express my delight and appreciation,. I must also comment that the upgrade price seems eminently reasonable to me.

All the best from Australia!


I totally agree here. And add my voice to the praise. Don’t mind the bandwidth, it’s love so we can share it!


I think my colleagues will be delighted to hear such positive feedback, @Andro, so I would discourage you from exerting any effort to hold back praise!


Not only is it a fantastic update, which alone would deserve several threads for praise, but what I am incredibly amazed by is the support the whole team is giving since Wednesday. I have not encountered such with any other product, and the team had all the reasons to take the rest of the week off after Wednesday.
Special thanks are obviously directed to @dspreadbury , who took it upon him to really read every thread and take care of it, whatever it might be about. Even if it was the 50th thread about the Font Cache Problem, he kept being incredibly polite and supportive. Incredible.


I’d like to second all of this, especially the support from the team, which as always has been second to none. This must have been a challenging week, especially with the build up being what it was!

Well done Dorico Team, great update :slight_smile: x

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The entire Dorico Team is second to none. I have never encountered such support and willingness to address ANY issues, even user errors. The best of the best. Now I hope they get some rest. They were put to the test. Our needs were addressed and now we are blessed! (I’m more a composer than lyricist, sorry!)


The machine gun fire of posts to this forum must be wearing you folks out, but I for one am about to step away from the forum now that I’ve got a handle on it, because D4 is just making me so damn productive. In some 45 years of music making it’s never been this effortless to write. D3.5 was close - sooo close, but automation was still too much work, settings were a mountain of madness and other things. REALLY appreciate all the quality of life improvements here - especially the little ones like auto sorting of orchestral instruments in Setup. These things just get the tool out of your way so you can push notes around!

I never thought it even could be this easy to write - you folks are the SpaceX of notation, making the impossible possible.


Very awesome update. I appreciate the steps taken to allow deeper/easier control over playback and performance without moving to a DAW. I just purchased Cubase knowing someday there will be tighter integration, but honestly I’m excited at the thought that Dorico could continue to take on select DAW-like qualities (as you did this release) making DAWs only a final polishing step for advanced work. Dorico is feeling more and more like the “dream” composition tool with every release.

Great job and thank you for creating high-quality software!


Couldn’t agree more with all the positive sentiments. D4 really is a great step forward. I love it. Thanx and heaps of praise to the team. D

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Hear hear!

Thanks, everyone!

This is more and more amazing each time. Bravo to Daniel and the Dorico team!


I totally agree. I do believe that the level of interest, support and engagement of the Dorico team with its users FAR exceeds that of any program- notation or otherwise-I’ve ever used.

Thanks to all of you!

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I join the chorus of praise to Dorico and the Team. the support on the forum is really valuable … the innovations of the new version are astounding. thanks for making this happen !!!

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I said it already in another thread, but I want to repeat it here. It’s a real improvement. I’m glad with it! Thanks for the amazing work in development but also for answering so many questions of users. I realy hope the team take their rest in time!

A thankful user

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Completely agree. Well done Steinberg Dorico team!

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