Dorico 4 - there's no arrow in the tempo track to expand it

According to the manual, there should be an arrow to expand the Tempo track:
But it doesn’t appear for me:
And the button to expand tracks:
Only expands instrument tracks:
What am I missing?


There are several elements that are yet to be reinstated into the PLAY GUI since it was completely rebuilt for Dorico 4. The dynamics lane is also missing. Daniel has mentioned that they will reappear in maintenance updates in the fairly near future. Just keep an eye out for them…

On page 11 of the Dorico 4 Version History:

“Play mode in Dorico 3.5 and earlier versions included a few other editors that are not yet included in Dorico 4, including the tempo editor and the drum editor. We are sorry that these editors are not included in the initial release of Dorico 4, but they will return in new and improved form in a future free maintenance update. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by their absence.”


Apologies for the confusion @StephenWeatherford – your screenshot is from the First Steps guide, which was written in/for Dorico 3.5 and hasn’t yet been updated for Dorico 4.

For information about how the new Play mode works in Dorico 4, refer to the Dorico 4 version history (as this isn’t yet included in the Dorico 4 manual).