Dorico 4 throws "An Error Occurred" when adding FX

I’m new to Dorico. While watching the Steinberg YouTube video here, I see I can add FX plugins to the mixer channels. But when trying it out, either I’m doing something wrong or there is a bug. I show this behavior in this brief video.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not sure what might be going on there. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here? My initial guess is that either there’s a problem with the installation, or perhaps your license, but I’m not sure.

Have you tried reinstalling Dorico 4.0.31? That might also be worth a try.

What VSTs? I had the same issue with Kontakt 6.7.1 - but it mysteriously went away. Odd.

I see I’m running I’m upgrading to 4.0.31 now. I’ll report back.

Upgrading to 4.0.31 solved it. Thank you, Daniel.

Related Question: I’m curious why Dorico did not prompt me when an update became available. What is the expected behavior in that regard?

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That is expected behaviour.

Most programs don’t: e.g. Firefox, etc, even Windows. It’s a proactive move you need to make. The ones that do personally drive me nuts, for example FileZilla. Can’t do anything without it shoving an update dialog at me almost every time I launch (but it is a rather extreme case…).

Also, updates are always prominently announced on this forum.

Good to know. Thanks.

We would like to add the capability to notify you of a new update and indeed automatically download and install it, and hopefully this will arrive in future. In the meantime, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Learn tab of the Hub window inside Dorico: now that you have version 4.0.31, you will occasionally see a little badge on the Learn button telling you of new news items on the Dorico blog or new videos on the YouTube channel, and we will always publish information about new updates on the blog, so when you see the little number on the Learn button, take a moment to switch to that tab in the Hub and see what’s new.

That’s good advice. Thanks, Daniel.