Dorico 4 trial version issues

Installed D4 trial yesterday because I wanted to share some files with someone who’s using it.

Yesterday it was working fine. Today I went to close a file and instead of the usual splash screen, the chart closed but nothing appeared. Re-started my rig and with nothing else running, chose a D4 file and clicked Open. D4 opened and spent quite a while waiting at the ‘Audio Engine’ part of startup. I thought it was going to fail but then it continued. Showed me the dialog box which says ‘We shut down improperly, do you want to recover’, I said yes, and then tried to open another file. ‘Not Responding’

So I I clicked ‘Shut down Program’ and it seemed to shut down. Now though, I can’t get the program to launch, either by clicking the desktop shortcut or by right clicking a D4 file and choosing Open. Just won’t start.

Any suggestions? Timing sucks a bit, I tried to open the D4 files I was sent in D 3.5 but they weren’t displaying right. They look great in D4 but I need D4 running to continue working and I have a deadline. Tried looking in Task Manager but it doesn’t seem to be running, only Steinberg License Engine is running

If I have to buy a license I will, I’m going to do that anyway - might that solve this? Windows 10, and I ran the proc and system parameters by Daniel and he said I should be fine.

Just really doesn’t want to work. It sort of works. Then it doesn’t. It flashes the Not Responding at me but then sometimes continues. Charts opening very slowly. Strangely, if I try to open a file by double clicking on it from within a folder it doesn’t like it, but if I try to use File–>Open within Dorico, it seems to like it better.

Every command takes a long time - just doing a simple edit takes seconds

Was working fine last night!

Got a gig, back late tonight EST. I’m trying to upload a Diagnostic file but it says it’s too big?

Have you tried restarting your computer? I will take a look at your diagnostic report when I get a moment.

Thanks Daniel. Yes I’ve restarted a few times. Trying to run it with nothing else running. It’s weird, was working yesterday. Anything I click on takes a few seconds or more. Opening files takes a while.

I’ll check back after 1 am EST