Dorico 4 unused vst

Is there a way to delete unused vsts in the vst rack ?

You should be able to blacklist them in the Preferences>VST Plugins. Then they won’t show in Dorico, you won’t be able to use them.

Just click on the like “trash can” in the lower right.


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Yes, of course. I think I went too far on the “remove” side :rofl:

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I didn’t see such a bin in Dorico 4…

Perhaps, @Axel, you can attach a screenshot of what you do see, so we can see where you’re looking? I can only assume you are not in Play mode, and you do not have the VST Rack toggle button chosen on the left-hand side.

what exactly is the question being asked here? Are we wanting to remove the ability to use certain VST’s altogether (in which case @MarcLarcher seems to be along the right lines) or simply delete an instance. If the latter, Dorico 4 seems to work exactly the same way as 3.5 inasmuch as you can only delete the last instance in the list. Select any other and the trashcan is greyed out. You can only remove the VST allocation, not the instance itself. I’m looking here in the VST rack tab in Play mode.

Daniel, I am in the Play mode.
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If it’s like D3.5, then you can’t remove empty VST slots if there are others that come later. In other words, they don’t ‘move up’.

Yes but it doesn’t delete empty vsts because the last one is not empty :frowning:

That’s not logical. There should be one “bin” icon per vst.

I guess the problem is that if things expect Vienna Synchron on slot 17, and you delete slot 16, then you have to make sure that all references to slot 17 now change to slot 16, and that might be difficult. (There may be things that still reference slot 16, for example.)

Should it be automatically updated ?

I agree but that’s not, for technical reasons how Dorico has ever been programmed and I don’t see it changing.

If you select a VST in the empty slot you will then see the delete trashcan, and be able to remove the slot.

Unfortunately no :frowning:

Works for me…

Axel is correct if it’s not the last slot. I see no indication this works any differently to 3.5

@wcreed could you perhaps describe your steps to get this to work? It doesn’t for me and it didn’t in 3.5

It doesn’t work as explained previously by benwiggy and dko22 (invoking technical reasons).

It doesn’t work any differently than in previous versions: you can’t remove an empty slot in the middle of the list without removing all plug-ins that already occupy later slots. This is awkward, yes, but not something we’re likely to change at this stage, at least certainly not as a high priority given the many other things our users want and expect us to do.